Saviors of crius rpg

Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons SOCRPG is a Discord Choose Your Own Adventure game! Successfully funded on Kickstarter!


What is it?

Our game is a community-driven, text-based adventure played on Discord and the world built on Twitch! Everyone can join on Twitch to contribute to the world by making creatures, lore, items, NPCs, and more. With so many minds coming together, it’s bound to be an ever-growing, interesting world, full of diverse people, creatures, and lore.

In the game you’ll create your own characters to battle foes, complete quests, trade resources, craft items, adventure realms and so much more. Solo missions and group expeditions are available for all, along with gripping community events going up monthly. Be a part of something exciting where everyone can leave their mark on the world in this never before seen Discord text-based fantasy game.

How to play

branching quests

Quests are written in a branched format so that every player choice leads to different events and dialogue options. Over the course of a quest, players may find themselves making skill checks, battling foes, and interacting with items. Since every choice may lead to a different path, players are likely to have diverse experiences based on their style of play! Most of the quests are geared towards solo adventurers. However, friends can take up arms together for dungeon crawls or participate in community events held monthly to find special loot.

unique battle system

Battles are run using a simplified DnD system. Roll for initiative! Then decide which weapon, spell, or item to use. Players may choose to deal damage, heal, alter their stats, or flee during their turn. Battles will vary with every encounter! We've implemented an AI that will ensure that every time you face an enemy it feels unique. Some foes will be more intelligent, some will be better armored, and others still will be more cowardly. Our hope is that combat continues to feel fresh and exciting, and keep players on their toes - ready for anything!

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shop, trade, craft

Lastly, there are guilds, shops, casual adventuring, PVP, trading, crafting, and so much more! As we grow we plan to add even more ways to interact with the world of Crius! We’re so very excited to see what becomes of this game over the years.

About Us

Hi! We're David and Ash, the creators of Catchy Cantrips! SOCRPG was born from our desire to craft a world where everyone could play a game like Dungeons and Dragons, but on a larger scale! Since we're both artists another of our passions is the creation of Crius our Homebrew world where this game takes place. There's something magical about bringing a community together to make a world, its people, and the beings that reside there. But we couldn't just stop at creating. We wanted people to do more than just build creatures and lore, but also allow them to experience the world firsthand! Thus came Saviors Of Crius RPG.

Our Coder and Friend George

Software engineer by day, wizard making dreams a reality by night.  George became interested in game development after playing Chrono Trigger for the first time in 1997.  Since then, he's learned over half a dozen other programming languages, including but not limited to, PHP and JavaScript.



What part of this is AI?

The only AI we have is the creatures actions. They will choose different actions in different combats based on the intelligence of the one you're facing in battle. Everything else is all prewritten paths.

Is it multiplayer?

Most quests are single player except community events and dungeon crawls which can be done with a group. PVP and trading is available between players as well.

Are there achievements?

Yes! There are achievement roles hidden in some choices or endings you find. 

Can we travel?

Yes! You’ll be able to travel as you level up in the game. Different Discord channels will represent different regions which all contain unique quests, enemies, and NPCs.

Are there guilds?

Yes! At level three you will be able to join a guild.

Is there a leaderboard?

Yes, within guilds.

Is there a single storyline?

No, every story will differ based on your choices in quests. Not to mention how your skill checks go!

Can we be a murder hobo?

You can’t kill everyone, sorry, we couldn't write that in for EVERY character. However, we have situations where you can kill innocent people if you so wish. Ya monster. 


Can we add this to other Discord Servers?

No. It will only be found on our server - for now - so we can oversee bug fixes, costs and gameplay.

Will SOCRPG be free?

No. It will be accessible in full through a five dollar Ko-fi or patreon subscription upon its release. We decided to charge so that we can cover server costs, new updates, coding, and more.


Do Twitch Subscribers get anything extra?

We want to avoid microtransactions and pay to win as much as possible so though we greatly appreciate subs they will not give you anything extra in gameplay. They do come with fun emotes on Twitch and our great appreciation though!

Can we still contribute creatures/NPCs/lore?

For sure! Every other Wednesday we're live on Twitch still creating more creatures for the world. Come join in and Ash will draw your ideas!

Will the bot have art?

Ideally! We REALLY want to, but this will be a long term goal and not for first Beta release.

Thank you!