Mozz - Mozzarellle

Mozz, also known as Meghan (pronouns: she/they) is a voice actor, Game Master for StarCrawl (a POC-led community TTRPG actual play community), and a dedicated streamer for the vibrant Starfall community. Within this community, Mozz cultivates a space that not only embraces the love of tabletop games but also prioritizes safety and inclusivity for gamers and tabletop enthusiasts alike. Mozz is passionate about roleplay and narrative-focused storytelling and also consistently championing diversity and representation within the gaming realm. Collaborating with the Starfall community, they craft unique worlds and explore various TTRPG systems. Mozz is excited to explore Crius, unraveling mysteries and creating inventive narratives in the campaign. Currently, they are leading the Kids on Brooms campaign out on StarCrawl going to their first year at Sesine Academy. Other community worlds include a mushroom kingdom with scandals & rumors, known as A Realm of Cap & Crown, and an Eberron and Full Metal Alchemist inspired world known as Solstice. She is so excited to explore Crius and see where Moira will go and what she will invent in the campaign!

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Moira of the Trident

Born one of three triplets, Moira’s birth was seen as miraculous and remarkable and she strived to uphold that honorable title with her studies and keep up with the accomplishments of her sisters Meena and Minerva. As a alchemist and lover of chemistry she was known to be odd but as a miracle Kandjii, she was already used to be considered a spectacle. Children would even call out to them growing up as Eenie, Miney and Mo but it never stopped her from pursing knowledge and the beauty of alchemical reactions. Raised by her great aunt Eliza who reverted back to a juvenile at her teenage age, Moira and Eliza grew together in academies more closer as sisters than her own triplets. However, Eliza became fascinated with the history and biology of their ancestral predator, the Leviathan and suddenly disappeared. All but Moira feared that they were long gone. Even to Kandjii with their long immortal life, grief is difficult when there is no eventual end where one can reunite with their lost loved ones.