Jacob - Grsvity

ViTy is a multifaceted creator and D&D aficionado from Chicago, known for weaving his passions for storytelling, technology, and music into an engaging gaming experience. Since diving into the world of Dungeons & Dragons in 2017, he's been captivating players and viewers alike with his strategic and creative gameplay. Off the D&D table, ViTy is a tech enthusiast, skilled in building computers and keyboards, and a musician with a degree in Music. His gaming adventures often find him strategizing in League of Legends. He also co-hosts the on-stream podcast Couch Convos, where his insights and charisma shine. When not in front of the camera or deep in gaming strategy, ViTy indulges in photography, fueled by his love for narrative and a steady stream of caffeine. His approach to D&D is all about crafting characters that are as intriguing in their backstory as they are formidable in play.

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Toby Barkentail

Toby Barkentail, a Scruttle Paladin from the peaceful Mana Mangroves, steps into the world with a heart full of optimism and a shield of conviction. As a follower of Fareen, the goddess of rain, he's on a quest to understand her mysterious nature while upholding the non-violent principles of his people. Toby, armed with his weighted blanket, some delicious snacks, and a resolve to seek redemption, navigates the balance between peace and the necessities of adventure. His journey is a tapestry of discovery, both of the world's wonders and the depths of his own spirit. In his quest, he brings a touch of his homeland’s warmth, hoping to illuminate paths with kindness and a genuine curiosity for the unknown.