Rachel - Flooftoon

Rachel is an artist and aspiring animator who developed a love for DND through a variety of popular podcasts (shoutout to the 2 crew!) Once she got a taste of roleplaying and dice collecting, she could not be stopped. She prefers support casters and hard hitters and tends to build her characters around flavor and backstory rather than optimization. When she isn’t rolling dice, she’s usually playing video games, practicing bass, doodling, or napping.

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Twinkle is a Kinling- a little plant person of the Twilite Drift (aka the Fey Realm). She is primarily made up of succulents and a whole lot of mischief with a love of chaos and a knack for feigning innocence. She is a trickery cleric who regularly uses her powers to insight shenanigans, steal knick knacks even if she has no use for them, and may or may not be a compulsive liar. She was born and raised in the Twilite Drift but has been on the run from someone- or something- for a crime she definitely did NOT commit wink. She pledged herself to Tamotoea to grant her access to the material plane as a means of escape from her wrong doings in the Twilite Drift, giving her an even closer connection to the tatoes than most other kinlings. Because of this, however, she often assumes she can get away with more than she actually does because of the tatoes ability to poof away from their crimes. Though she quickly found herself in more trouble in the world of Crius when she “accidentally” stole the egg of a royal Saymoran family. It hatched and escaped while she wasn’t paying attention and was caught by the Capital City’s town guard. To keep her out of jail, the adventurers guild took her on to serve under the guild until her debt to the royal family is paid off. Presently, she has been in the service of the guild for nearly 10 years- it is quite a debt to pay off after all.