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Ash here, hi! Simple answer is I love doing it. I understand that not everyone can afford buying a drawing and I'm fortunately in a place where I can do some sketches for free.

Add your name to our list below, but know that you must be in chat when I draw you.

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Recent Community Creatures

Every other Wednesday at 2pm we create creatures with our community live on Twitch!


From the smallest of flies to the largest beetles, insects can be found all throughout Crius.

the Coast

Sunny beaches and crystal clear waters are home to an abundance of life forms

umbra graveyard

A mass grave of Umbras has slowly mutates and corrupted the land.

Recently Canon

Here are some of the most recent creatures made canon! See more details on them in creature page. These creatures were made during our every other Wednesday Creature stream.

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  • Scrap Mite by slackerunchained

    Parasitic insects that typically feed on debris between Umbra scales.

  • Salt Spitter by inak_inkfell

    These intelligent creatures grow a protective armor casing to defend against predators.

  • Grave Sentinel by Drone_Kick_King

    Giant reptilians forged by the god Tenebre, to guard Umbra graveyards.

Recently Canon

Here is one of the most recent plants made canon! See more details on it in the plant page. This plant was made during our every other Wednesday Creature/Plant stream.

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  • Marrow Moss by captainrail88

    Moss found around areas of death, as it feeds off of the calcium found in bones.