Kelly - Homebrew Coffee & Co

Hi I’m Kelly (she/her)! You may know me from social media as half of Homebrew coffee & co that I run with my partner, Laura where we roast made to order coffee that’s dnd inspired. Besides my love for coffee and dungeons and dragons I enjoy going on side quests to small towns and exploring what this world has to offer. Im also passionate about gardening and playing video games. My favorite games are mass effect, horizon, baldurs gate 3, Pokémon, and many more. If you see me at a convention I’m probably out cosplaying one of my favorite characters from those games. I’m a big animal lover and am happy to be a mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats.

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Elytra (she/they) is a humble bug. She grew up in the lower part of the capital, Evenfall, with her chosen family from the thieves guild. She's taken on many roles growing up, but was found to be more adapt to being body guards for various situations. Her moth wings were perfect camouflage for her during missions while her bug strength made her one of the best guards the guild has. She's had to learn many tough lessons from the streets, but it has helped make her into the bug she is. She found purpose with her chosen family, but feels something is missing. Her people live comparatively short lives compared to others. So much to do with such little time. Due to this feeling of incompleteness she has set out on a journey with the adventurer's guild! To learn and experience as much as she can while she still can before returning home and being with Tamatoea the Happy Tree.