Common questions but not so common answers?!

Our Twitch


Who are you and what do you do?

We are a group of nerds who enjoy all things rpg and want to share the fun with as many people as possible! We create homebrew dnd content, draw free chibis of audience members dnd characters and play in an actual play dnd game on twtich.


When and where do we stream?

We stream on Twitch three times a week. Tuesday 7pm EST, Wednesday 2pm EST and Sunday 2pm EST

What do you stream on Wednesdays?

Every other Wednesday stream we have Community Creature Creations. This is where we have our community come up with homebrew dnd monsters that we draw. The other Wednesdays we create Lore together about various homebrew races and special locations found in our world.

Are the types of creatures just random?

Each Wednesday we focus on a specific biome or ecosystem to make creatures for. That biome is determined by a poll on our discord server. There is also a google sheet form where community members can write down any biome ideas they think of.

What do you stream on Tuesdays?

On Tuesdays we work with out chat to make Quests for our live campaign adventures and our discord game extension SOCRPG

What do you stream on Sundays?

Sundays is our Community Chibi day where we draw audience members or their dnd characters as chibis.

How do I get a chibi?

To get a chibi all you have to do is participate in the sunday streams and place your name on a chibi waiting list. The link to the list is available via a chat command(!chibi) in the livestream or through our discord server. Even if you have your name on the chibi list you still must be present in the stream when your name is called to get a chibi otherwise you will be skipped over. 

Why do I need to be in the stream if I'm already on the chibi list?

Being on the list saves your place in line but our artist Ash still might need info on what the chibi needs to look like and can't ask you questions if you are not present.

How much are the chibis?

The chibis are free the only cost is hanging out with us in our stream.


When is your campaign?

Our campaign is live every Tuesday at 7pm EST - 9pm EST

What makes your campaign special?

The unique part about our campaign is the setting. It takes place in the homebrewed world of Crius. Where every creature and monster except the playable races has been created by either Catchy Cantrips or the community members of the creature creation stream.

What is the plot of your campaign?

6 heroes from all corners of the world unite in an effort to save their world from a mysterious scourge that arose after a celestial object fell from the sky 3 years prior.

Do you still follow the dungeons and dragons rulesets?

Yes, even though we have all homebrew creatures and settings we still utilize the basic rules and mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. 


What sort of products do you have in your shop?

Our shop has a wide range of products that span from mugs, stickers and t-shirts. The artwork is made by our wonderful artist Ash and features campaign specific items and general DND merch.