In the shadowy recesses of the Singing Glade Swamps, the Occular Orchid stands as a marvel of botanical peculiarity. These mysterious flowering plants, adorned with clusters of berries that mimic primitive eyes, hold a dual nature of fascination and danger.

The berries, though toxic when ingested, possess remarkable medicinal properties in the hands of skilled potion masters, capable of crafting potent elixirs to restore sight to the blind. However, it is not their healing properties alone that render them remarkable, but their role as sentinels of the swamp.

When threatened by encroaching predators, the Occular Orchid's berries undergo a stunning transformation, emitting a vivid red bioluminescence that serves as a warning beacon to nearby creatures. This symbiotic relationship ensures the plant's survival, as the alarmed prey inadvertently aid in the dispersal of pollen and seeds, facilitating the orchid's propagation throughout the swamp.

Yet, amidst the marvels of their adaptations, the true nature of the Occular Orchid remains shrouded in mystery. Scholars ponder whether their bioluminescence and eye-like movements stem from mere instinct or hint at a deeper intelligence lurking within the tangled depths of the swamp.

This plant is called an Occular Orchid and lives mostly within the Swamp.

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