Ghost Lilies are a unique species of flowering plants predominantly found in graveyards, where they have evolved to thrive in the soil enriched by buried remains. Their roots tap into this macabre source, drawing sustenance from the decomposed matter. These blossoms do not only draw their sustancence from the soil, but also possess an uncanny ability to feed off the negative emotions of those in mourning, offering a peculiar symbiosis that grants the lilies vitality while alleviating the grief of the bereaved. It is this delicate dance of give-and-take that makes these plants highly sought after by those in the throes of mourning, leading to their frequent presence in temples and places of solace. Legend attributes their creation to Sebat, the goddess of death herself, who crafted these blooms as a reminder that from death emerges the promise of new life. While they bring solace to those who grieve, Ghost Lilies lends an eerie air that unsettles those untouched by sorrow, giving rise to superstitious beliefs surrounding them. Beyond their ornamental value, Ghost Lilies find purpose in the arcane arts. Within their petals lies a potent substance known as Death Haze, an ethereal energy born from the departure of souls from the material plane. This mystical essence is harnessed in necromantic potions and spell casting, a testament to the profound connection between life, death, and the cyclical nature of existence.

This plant is called a Ghost Lilies and lives mostly within the Graveyard.

Made by: balilali
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