Within the stagnant and murky waters of the Singing Glade Swamp thrives a botanical wonder known as the Bog Star. Made of two large, floating leaves and a flower at its center, these plants only bloom under the clear night sky, touched by the gentle caress of moonlight.

Beneath this ethereal facade lies a hidden ingenious defense mechanism. The Bog Star's glowing bulbs, once thought to be remnants of ancient shooting stars, serve as a cunning spotlight amongst the dark waters. They illuminate their surrounding waters, exposing any would-be plant eaters to larger, lurking predators.

Yet, despite the dangers that lurk nearby, the allure of the Bog Star remains irresistible. Coveted for their rarity and the potent healing properties of their bulbs, these plants command a hefty price in both trade and adornment. Harvesting them is a perilous endeavor, with fearsome predators lying in wait, but an endeavor some find worth the risk.

This plant is called a Bog Stars and lives mostly within the Swamp.

Made by: Catchy Cantrips